The Action Tank tackles tough problems by harnessing the experiences, skills, and relationships of service-minded citizens to improve the social conditions of our community.

We are a group of Philadelphia-area post-9/11 Veterans who formed a new type of service organization. Beyond just thinking about the problems facing our community, we are acting by engaging our skills, resources and relationships, hence our name, the Action Tank. Nikos Kazantzakis said it best, “The ultimate, most holy form of theory is action.”

Our focus is not on our differences, but on what binds us together. The Action Tank has observed the erosion of people’s willingness to work and live for the function of an effective society. We have learned the necessity of this social capital - who better to take on these societal problems than those who have previously taken on these challenges together? Our experience as Veterans has led to a unique type of growth and resilience that can be leveraged for the benefit of our community. Philadelphia, with her rich history of serving as the founding city of our military branches, is perfectly suited to launch this initiative.