Knowledge Brokers in Action: Community Service at Project Home

FotoJet proj home.jpg

Action Tank members collaborated with Project Home, an organization who provides services and housing to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness, to deepen the relationship with the organization, help to beautify their residencies, and to interact with the residents who are at high risk of being affected by gun violence. Additionally, a goal to bridge a relationship with Drexel’s Healing Hurt People and Project Home was facilitated. Action Tank Members provided minor maintenance work including painting, gardening, and building picnic tables and talked with the residents. The service work allows Action Tank Members to bring theory to action by being knowledge brokers of evidence, services, and action within the community. Pictured: Linda Fontanilla, Matt Connolly, Chris Diaz, Matt Miclette, Lauren Johnson, Randy Hsia, Darrell Wisseman, and Mark Torress. A special Thank You to service member Jess Wisniewski who contributed greatly to this event